Collaborative email

Inspired by the Fiji Banded Iguana.

Email Features

The first realtime collaboration email platform built for teams

Communication Productivity

Effective communication by simplifying email, collaboration, document management, video chat, calendars and more in a unified package.

Realtime Collaboration

A first of it's kind, your teams can now collaborate in realtime on the composition of emails.

Realtime Presence

Know the availability of all your co-workers in realtime and instantly know who has read your emails.

Full text search

Search all your emails and find the conversations your need quickly.

Video Chat

Open a video or text chat to start talking to your co-workers immediately.


A customizable interface you can tailor specifically for your business with a simple HTML5/CSS3 template that works across platforms.

Why use IguMail?

An email platform built for productive teams. Traditional email responses are slow. The live presence and realtime collaboration built into IguMail facilitates istant communication and feedback that today's connected teams require. These features are as seamless with traditional email as possible.

  • Realtime collaboration on emails, presense, video chat and text chat.
  • Built in address book, calendars, tasks and other standard features
  • Admin interface to manage domains, email accounts and other features
  • A brandable and themable webmail and desktop client

What is realtime email collaboration?

Traditionally a single person composes an email. A team effort on a single email requires copies to be distributed, modified and sent back to the email creator. This is a slow error prone process. It requires managing copies of emails and attached documents.

The IguMail platform is built on a realtime collaboration server and document repository. This allows multiple contributors to work on a single email document in realtime while communicating over video and audio chat. Changes made by each participant is instantly viewed live by all contibutors and automatically creates a new version of the document. Once the email document is ready it is sent as a regular email message compatible with other email services.


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Free & Paid Plans

Start Today with our free team plan and seamlessly upgrade to one of our paid plans as you grow.


Free for 10 users

  • 1Gb storage /user
  • Single Domain
  • Realtime Email Collaboration
  • 1-1 Video and Text Chat
  • Adress Book, Calendar, Tasks etc.
  • Community and Email Support
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$5 Per user / per month

  • 10Gb storage /user
  • Multiple Domains
  • Realtime Email Collaboration
  • Team Video and Text Chat
  • Adress Book, Calendar, Tasks etc.
  • Priority Support
  • Sign Up


$10 Per user / per month

  • 20Gb storage /user
  • Multiple Domains
  • Realtime Email Collaboration
  • Team Video and Text Chat
  • Adress Book, Calendar, Tasks etc.
  • 24/7 Customer Service
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Free Team Plan

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